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Together, let's try and bring some good to people and charities in need. I love that my shop can help support my little family financially, but I want it to have a bigger purpose.  The world can be a better place with a little more kindness… and shopping can be a little more meaningful when you know that your purchase is helping out a great cause. (read full blog post here)

After seeing so much sadness and destruction after Hurricane Harvey, I knew I wanted to help. So I donated a portion of my sales that month to 3 different groups (Austin Pets Alive, Dallas DogRRR and Mercy Chefs) and let me tell you - it felt so good to make those donations!

My goal is to support a good mix of national and local organizations, so if there are any causes you support, please send me any email!

At the end of the month, I'll mention the charity/cause on instagram and add to the list below!

—— 2018

January: House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary
February: Blue Line Bears

—— 2017
Total: $250 (approx.)

October & November: Austin Pets Alive, Dallas DogRRR & Mercy Chefs
December: Oldies But Goodies Cocker Spaniel Rescue

** NOTE: My sales/profits definitely vary month to month. My goal is to donate approx. 10% each month.
Any size donation, even the small ones will help!

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