Feb 5, 2019

Roots Out West Rebrand

Roots Out West Modern Farmhouse Logo by Union Shore

Last year, I stopped taking on design work and put all my focus into designing products for my society6 & etsy shops. And to be honest, I really started to miss it. Working with people to help bring their ideas to life is so fun and really rewarding.

So when Jess reached out a few months back asking for a new logo, I was excited to help.

Roots Out West Modern Farmhouse Logo by Union Shore

Roots Out West Modern Farmhouse Logo by Union Shore

Jess moved back to the country and is embracing newlywed life on a cattle farm and wanted the new logo to reflect that. She started with a new blog theme and for the logo, she wanted to use her parents barn (hello, it's gorgeous!) as inspiration for the new look. We used a mix of serif & sans serif fonts (the main typeface is sans serif to keep it modern) and to bring it all together we paired hand-drawn elements to give it an organic, rustic feel.

Hop on over to her blog or instagram to say hello and get a peek at day-to-day life on the farm!
She's also got an Etsy shop filled with cozy, hand-knitted throws & scarves!

As I mentioned above, I really did miss designing logos and brand work. If you have a blog or small shop and want a new logo, please reach out! I'm opening up a few spots for custom design work (no wordpress websites), so feel free to contact me if you think we'd be a good fit!

Jan 14, 2019

Doing Good By Giving Back - A Recap of 2018 donations

Doing Good By Giving Back - A Recap of 2018 donations - unionshoreblog.com

I did a horrible job of updating you on the different charities we donated to last year. And I'm sorry for that! (If you're new around here or didn't know we donate, read more here.)  Just because I wasn't updating frequently, does NOT mean I stopped giving. Donations were still made almost every month and and I'm happy to share that we donated just over $550 to such great causes! To some that might not seem like a lot for the whole year and I wish I could give more, but my shop is small and the income fluctuates greatly, so please keep that in mind! ;)

So I just wanted to shine a little spotlight on the amazing organization's we helped last year. I urge you to check some of these great causes out... and maybe add one or two to your giving list! ;)

House With A Heart
A senior pet sanctuary for dogs and cats who have lost their families and homes through no fault of their own. Because of their advanced age and various medical conditions, they have little chance of being adopted. Once a dog became a resident, it would have a loving home for life. Current residents are provided with a comfortable home environment, healthcare and wellness screenings, grassy fields (fenced yard) on a two-acre property to roam and play on and LOTS of love!
website // facebook // instagram

Saint Francis Service Dogs
Assisting children and adults with disabilities become more independent and self-sufficient through a partnership with a professionally trained service dog. It takes two years and costs up to $25,000 to train one service dog and Saint Francis absorbs this cost and does not charge for service dogs. Saint Francis Service Dogs is the largest service dog organization in Virginia and is accredited by Assistance Dogs International.
website // facebook // instagram

Oldies But Goodies Cocker Spaniel Rescue
An all-volunteer, non-profit rescue (VA/D.C. area) dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homeing cocker spaniels and spaniel mixes of all ages and health conditions. (donated twice)
website // facebook // instagram

Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue
Another awesome non-profit organization (NYC area) dedicated to the rescue and re-homing of cocker spaniels and other dogs in need of loving forever homes.
website // facebook // instagram

Blue Line Bears
Started by the daughter of a police officer with the goal is to help the children of fallen officers. Uniform shirts are cut, sewn and stuffed into a teddy bear keepsake, providing a tangible reminder of their loved one. Each bear is given a St. Michael medal and blessed by a priest before being mailed to the family - all of this is done at no expense to the family.
website // facebook // instagram

Mercy Chefs
Feeding body and soul by providing professionally prepared, restaurant quality meals for victims, volunteers and first responders in national emergencies and natural disasters. (donated twice)
website // facebooK // instagram

Surfrider Foundation - OBX Chapter
81 chapters in 10 regions with 1 mission: to help keep our water clean and beaches healthy. The OBX chapter is focused on issues like banning plastic bags and trying to stop offshore drilling.
website // facebook

Mount Kilauea Volcano Eruption
I picked a 3 different (verified) GoFundMe campaigns to help support those affected by Hawaii’s volcano eruption.  We donated to an animal rescue and two personal recovery campaigns.

And the giving will continue in 2019! Causes near and dear to my heart like cancer research and a fallen officer foundation will be on the list! And of course dog rescues! ;)

It really feels good when I make these donations! And I will try and be better at updating you when donations are made! It doesn't matter how big or small the amount, every little bit helps and I'm sure these organizations appreciate every penny they get!

Together we're helping such great causes!

image by rawpixel on unsplash

Jan 3, 2019

Looking Forward

2018 was a weird year for me and on one hand, I'm kind of glad it's over. Last year I just felt like I was in a constant funk. It was a roller coast of emotions all year and I found myself being anxious, sad/depressed and uninspired... a lot. My friend, Huong, reminded me that even though last year might not have been the greatest, it was just one chapter of my life and not the whole book.

So I'm not gonna dwell on it. The New Year marks a clean slate, a fresh start and I can't wait to see where 2019 takes me because I don't really want a repeat of 2018. I have a few things on my to-do list (both big and small) and these are just a few goals I'm hoping to accomplish this year:

I completely let myself go last year. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.... basically in all ways, so I'm making myself a priority. I didn't like the physical or mental state I was in last year, so I'm determined to have a happier and healthier 2019. I'm not gonna dwell on things or people that are unimportant and toxic and I'm going to appreciate the life and blessings I do have.  I'm going to make better eating choices and workout more. I'm finally going to go to the doctors to try and figure some things out. I'm going to put the phone down and meditate/read more. And lastly, I'm going to get better at going to church. I may have lost my way for a little bit, but I'm finding my way back.

When you've been married for almost 10 years (together for 15! eeeek!) pretty normal to settle into a routine. And while we don’t have kids, we are a basically a one income family with an expensive dog (health issues), so finances can be tight sometimes. My plan is to try and have one date night a week. Most will be at home, probably cooking dinner together & a movie WITHOUT looking at our cell phones! And than maybe once a month try a new restaurant or something a little more fun. I’d also like to plan a weekend trip or two because it’s just nice to explore different places! I also want to work on being a little more affectionate and a little less critical.

This year I am committing to growing my shop and blog. When I rebranded in late 2017, I thought 2018 was gonna be my year! Well, it's safe to say that it wasn't. I didn't reach the goal I set for myself (for many different reasons) but the biggest was that I just lost the motivation. I want to help support our family and also give back to charities I believe in.  After I pay my monthly expenses (web hosting, Adobe creative suite, Etsy fees, donate, etc. etc.) my "profit" is still low and inconsistent month to month. So I've been working on a clearer vision and direction I want to go in with the products and designs I'm selling. So that means getting back into a routine, working from my "office" (or a coffee shop), putting in the hard work and actually treating Union Shore like the legitimate business it is! (I do pay taxes for it after all! lol)  

This is a tough one since we basically live paycheck to paycheck. Like I mentioned above, Brandon brings home the bacon in our house. ;) Sometimes things can get tight if I spend to much at Target, or we eat out a few too many times, not to mention Sonny's medications alone can cost a pretty penny! My goal is to really cut back on unnecessary purchases (I'm looking at you Target/TJMaxx). I don't need another sweater or vase, especially if it's full-price. I plan of being more frugal and intentional with purchases and putting any extra money towards date nights... and more importantly our savings account!

Even with the best of intentions, you can't be successful if you aren't motivated. That was one of my biggest problems in 2018 so sharing these "goals" with you will hopefully hold me accountable,  keep me productive and on track!

Hoping 2019 brings us all a successful & fulfilling year!
What are some of your goals for the new year?

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