10.13.2017 /

10 Random Facts About Me

Since I'm trying to get back into this whole blogging thing, I thought it would be fun to do a slightly more personal post to get to know me better. I actually love reading these types of posts about other bloggers and learning about their quirks. So here’s 10 pretty random, light hearted facts about me:

I took French for four years in high school and remember nothing! haha I would really love to try and learn it again!

Disney movies are my favorite! Especially the classics, but even at 32, if it’s animated or about an animal, I’ll grab the popcorn. And I still tear up at a sad scenes.

I'm also a sucker for the cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies.

I didn’t start drinking coffee until my late 20s. My Nana came for a weekend visit and she needed her morning cup, so I went and bought a coffee maker and coffee. I blame her for my addiction.

10.11.2017 /

The Magic of Beginnings

It’s easy to fear the unknown and I'm one that will shy away from change.
Changes can be scary, but they also create the chance for new opportunities & happiness.

Words I will try to remember, even when this new path gets a little bumpy.

9.05.2017 /

Why I Decided To Rename & Rebrand


It was really that simple. I needed a fresh start.

I started blogging way back in 2010 as Creative Index. (If you made the jump from over there, thank you!) :) It was just a place to catalog my thoughts and connect with other creatives. There was no real thought behind the name and I definitely didn't think of it as a brand”... it was just my little corner of the web to ramble on and play with blog designs.

During one of my blogging ruts, I decided to open my Society6 shop. I had some prints I designed so I thought I would create an account and sell them to make some extra money! (If you’re unfamiliar, Society6 helps independent artists sell their work. S6 will print/ship items for you and you get a % of the sale.) I didn't have any real expectations and my first 3 months I only made $36! I thought about throwing in the towel, but I didn't. I just kept swimming ;)

8.14.2017 /

New Blog, New Beginning

Hello, hello!! You do not need to adjust your screen. I promise that you’re in the right place. The blogging hiatus is finally over!

Welcome to Union Shore! My new online space for all things creative, inspiring & fun! I took a long blogging break last year I finally feel like I'm ready to try again! Creative Index had a good run (almost 6 years!), but I'm honestly ready to put it in the past. I thought long and hard about changing the name and it’s something I believe my heart and business needed. (more on the re-brand coming soon)

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