Oct 23, 2018

Cozy Sweaters That Caught My Eye

Sweater weather is finally upon us here in NC! Temps are falling, the mornings/evenings are quiet brisk and I'm ready for all things warm & cozy! I already have a few too many sweaters in my closet plus I'm trying not to spend money on unnecessary things, so a little window shopping was in order.

I rounded up a few favorites that caught my eye recently and that should keep us cozy through the Fall and Winter (ugh) months...

I might just have to splurge and buy the belmont! It looks so cozy and there are so many color options. The danika and pom pom sweaters are also favorites because of the pattern detail! I'm usually a solid/neutral kind of girl, but I'm loving all the patterns and colors! And as someone who never really shopped at Abercrombie in high school, I'm liking a lot of their sweaters! I might be a little "old" for the store and I'm not really sure how they will fit/look on me, but I might have to try a few on...

Any of these sweaters catch your eye?
Any stores that you never really shopped at before, and now you kinda love??

Alright, go shopping! No affiliate links used.
belmont // boucle cardigan // rainsford
danika // chevron colorblock // lace bottom
cable mock neck // textured crew // waffle cardigan
pom pom // funnel neck pullover // open front cardi-coat

Oct 11, 2018

6 Things I Loved In September

Trying to find my way back into blogging... So I'm starting today with a monthly series sharing some of my favorite things! When I was a way better blogger, I saw a similar post and thought it was fun, so this is my take! Each month (hopefully within the first week), I'll share some of my favorite and very random things I enjoyed from the previous month! Anything goes.... beauty, food, books, tv shows, apps, products.... anything I liked, used, found helpful, I want to share with you!

Let's jump right in! Here are a few things I loved in September...

Oct 10, 2018

An Update On Sonny

Well, we just passed the 4 month mark with Sonny boy. On one hand, it feels like yesterday and then on the other hand it feels like much longer. I'm not gonna lie, there have been some very stressful days. I may even have a few more gray hairs because of him (lol) but I'm so glad he's part of our family.

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