An Update On Sonny

Oct 10, 2018

Well, we just passed the 4 month mark with Sonny boy. On one hand, it feels like yesterday and then on the other hand it feels like much longer. I'm not gonna lie, there have been some very stressful days. I may even have a few more gray hairs because of him (lol) but I'm so glad he's part of our family.

We went through a rough patch with potty accidents and separation anxiety. We are still treating his heartworms and he is on several medications, which I do think caused most of the accidents. The medications make him drink more and they help pull the extra fluids building around his heart, so we go outside a lot! We have been able to make some adjustments to his dosage and we are noticing less accidents!

Now his separation anxiety, that's the bigger issue, for me. We never dealt with it with Bosco so it has been a learning adjustment. I'm already home all day and hubby usually works nights so when we go out, we don't leave for 8 or 12 hours. It's mainly to spend a few hours at the beach, to go grocery shopping and run some errands or have a date night. Usually 3-5 hours max! Half the time Bosco would be snoozing on his bed and wouldn't even hear us come back in. Sonny on the other hand- cried, howled, paced constantly, chewed things, had more/larger accidents.... There were a few times that I didn't leave the house at all that week and there were a few times we actually made plans with friends but then I ended up staying home and Brandon would just go.

Yes, I love staying home and I'm pretty anti-social already (lol) but I really started to feel like I was going crazy. As a last resort, we started to crate train him. (I held off as long as I could. know a lot of people crate train, but I personally just preferred not too) We did it for a few weeks and we made it to about 30 minute increments, but he didn't like being in there either (lol).  But I think he finally learned it's better on the outside (not to be in jail/a cage)... and that we eventually come home!

So after 4 months, we are heading in a positive direction! I'm happy to report that we been able to leave him (not crated) for a few hours and not come home to a mess or chewed items... and he hasn't had an accident in a couple weeks! Health wise, we are still treating his heartworms and heart/breathing related issues. Some days are great, but other days he seems more uncomfortable and coughs a lot. It just makes us sad he has this issue because he really is so sweet, lovable and seems healthy otherwise.

Whether we still have months or (hopefully) years together.... we're just making sure he has the best life possible.

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  1. There are those tough days but there are also those golden days. You and Brandon truly have golden hearts for doing this for Sonny.

  2. Aww! You are such a good pup mom, Jess! I'm glad you're over the learning curve and I'm sure he is too. Sonny is so darn cute!


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