Meet Sonny

Jun 18, 2018

There's a new furry face around here!

We have been going back and forth about having another pup in our lives for a few weeks now. I'd been looking at different cocker spainel rescues and local shelters and when we saw this guy at the SPCA, we decided to go meet him!

Sonny's a 6-8 year old beagle mix and was at the shelter just over two weeks. He was picked up as a "stray" and is heartworm positive. He wasn’t getting any treatment and not many people showed interest, we knew he belonged with us!


After we took him to our primary vet, she gave us the news that the heartworms may be more advanced than originally thought and he has some stage of heart failure. We are on several medications to help (doxy, vetmedin, salix) but not sure we will ultimately be able to get rid of the heartworms. His heart is enlarged and damaged and the vet is not sure it's a good idea to do the intensive heartworm treatment. It's tough because we are getting two different stories with his health - the original vet that checked him while and the SPCA and then our vet. (We are going to re-evulate in a couple weeks at his next checkup and we are even considering getting another (third) opinion.)

We knew that there were risks when adopting, since he was a stray and didn't know much about his health background, but we were still hoping for slightly better news. It’s sad because he “seems” pretty healthy and is just the sweetest pup! Everyone at our the vet office loved him!

It’s been a pretty easy adjustment so far though and he seems so happy! He doesn't really like his bed or blanket and prefers the floor. Not much into toys but will take all the belly rubs and neck scratches he can get. And he loves treats and peanut butter. Like goes CRAZY for it. (No other human food for him yet....)

He's already brought so much joy to our lives and we are just sad that the news wasn't better. I'm trying to be hopeful and optimistic but it brings up a lot of the same fears and emotions after losing Bosco.

Whether we have weeks, months or years together.... he's going to have the best life!
Welcome to the fam, Sonny!

Remember your furry angel by opening your arms to another pet in need.
Don't stop loving because of the fear of losing.
Pets will give you 100s of happiest days of your life and just one of the saddest.

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  1. He is so so so adorable! You and Brandon are such amazing people! Sonny is going to have the best time ahead of him - whether short or long. I think Bosco might be bragging to his friends telling him - my humans are da best! :) I hope there is still good news for Sonny. When we first adopted Lady she also preferred the floor too. She still sometimes does!

  2. What a perfect way to honor the memory of Bosco. I'm sure Sonny already knows he's in a loving home. Keeping my fingers crossed for you and hope his health improves.


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