Sunday Morning Coffee | No. 03

Apr 29, 2018

I can't believe November was the last coffee talk! Sorry!! So let's do some catching up and you can enjoy your morning cup with a pretty view, sound good?

So grab your cup of coffee (or tea) and let’s chat!

Did you notice Brandon in the background? haha ;)

On my mind
+ I think the warm weather is FINALLY here to stay! In the six years we've lived here, I think this has been one of the slowest starts to Spring! And it's definitely time to add a few things to my Summer wardrobe... shorts and tops are a must! I have SO many tshirts, so I need to expand my casual top options! And what are your thoughts on one-piece bathing suits?? I was always the tankini girl (not comfortable in a bikini) but I see so many cute one-pieces, so I might have to jump on that bandwagon.....

+ Ever get a haircut you don't like? I hate getting my hair cut as it is and then when it's bad, I remember why it takes me forever to get one! I'm getting used to it, but not happy with it. I know it will grow back, but still..... good thing it's getting warm here and it's top-knot/ponytail season! ;)

+ So we've been talking about getting another dog. We're both not sure if we're totally ready, but I've been checking different shelters and rescues. The two pup's that I had my eye on recently got adopted and it's a little bittersweet. I'm super happy they found their furever home, but sad it's not with us. So we'll see....

Good things around the web
+ Pretty much LOVE everything about this Scandinavian apartment.
+ Some great ideas to get out of a slump & motivated again.
+ My hair/self-braiding skills are pretty low, but I need to try this fishtail ponytail.
+ Thinking about updating your kitchen cabinets? Bookmark this post.
+ I think I need this indoor citrus tree.
+ Add a fun balloon installation to your next party!
+ I've been on a "healthier" eating kick lately, but these sweet, sugary puffs have me drooling!
+ This sesame chicken crunch salad also needs to be made soon!
+ Time to snag those items you've been eyeing from Society6!! Because they're on SALE! ;)

Recent posts you might’ve missed
+ Shared some FREE Springy desktop/mobile wallpaper downloads
+ Shined a spotlight on the charities we've donated to this quarter
+ Did some catching up on why I've been so MIA

Now it's your turn!
Tell me what's been on your mind, what you've been up too or a great link you've found!
I'm finally getting into podcasts, so if you have any rec's, I'd love to know what you're listening too!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday friends!

Join the conversation!

  1. I feel you girl! It's warming up here in Dallas and I'm shocked it's not super hot already, ha! Yes! Totally agree! I need more tops myself and just added a pair of boyfriend-ish denim shorts to my closet so I'm happy for now. I love one pieces over bikinis. I bought a Marysia swim bikini last year and didn't feel great in it so I'm looking into tankinis or another one-piece! I get mine from 6pm and like the La Blanca brand.

    Girl, I have the worst luck with finding hairstylists! They all move away, but not my guy I recently found! I've been able to have three cuts with him so far (just went last Friday) and God bless him, haha! I have to work on my top knot. I'm so terrible at those!

    I'm so glad you're at least looking to adopt another pup and give them the same love you gave Bosco. Good things take time and I know that when you see the right one, you'll know. :)

    Thanks so much for sharing my post! I appreciate you! xo I'm totally adding the balloon arch and that Thai salad to my to-do list! What kind of podcasts are you into?!

    She Sweats Diamonds


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