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Jul 5, 2018

We live pretty boring lives around here, especially with Brandon's schedule lately. But I wanted to pop in, say hello, do some catching up and share some photos from my camera roll.... some instagrammed, some not. ;)

A little bit of what we've been up too...

+ Kicked off our Summer mid-May with a friends wedding. They rented a beach house for the ceremony and we were lucky enough to spend 3 days by that gorgeous pool, celebrating with such wonderful people!
+ Each week, I pretty much hit up my 2 favorite farm markets. One has amazing baked goods and the other has good produce... and the cutest doodle pup. I make sure to give him a good neck scratch. ;)
+ The weather has been insanely hot, so I have iced coffee running trough my veins. And ice cream is pretty much a necessary food group.
+ Squeezing in beach days whenever Brandon's off.
+ Still getting used to having a new pup around here.
+ Celebrated my 33rd (eeeeek!!) birthday a week early with a surprise visit from my mom, sister and brother in law. (yes, my sister makes us wear matching cat shirts)
+ On my actual birthday, Brandon made me breakfast and we explored the Waterside District in Norfolk.
+ Got to enjoy two cakes - an ice cream one and an angel food w/ fruit filling cake and they were both delicious! ;)

We really don't have anything else exciting planned for the rest of Summer either. Brandon's working a lot of overtime and we usually always went back to NY at the end of Summer, but with Sonny's health issues, we're still trying to figure things out....

So, what have you been up too? How has your Summer been so far?

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  1. Aww! I'm SO glad to hear you had a great birthday, Jess! It's been hot like crazy, but I just missed the high triple digits here in Dallas when I went on vacation last week! I'll do an update post soon too. How's Sonny doing lately?

    P.S. "Iced coffee running through my veins" is sooo accurate for me right now, ha!

    She Sweats Diamonds


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