Christmas 2018 - A Little Recap

Dec 31, 2018

Christmas 2018 Recap

I can't even believe it's already New Years Eve and another year is almost behind us! What happened to December? Or the whole year for that matter?? Even though I've been listening to Christmas music since Halloween, I feel like the whole Holiday season flew by WAY too fast. Faster than usual even. And for me, it was probably because I wasn't in the most festive mood until just a few days before Christmas....

Christmas 2018 Recap
Christmas 2018 Recap

Even though I wasn't feeling very festive this year, we still did all the festive things. Picked out a tree, decorate the house, checked out the lights, went ice skating, baked cookies, tortured Sonny with photos, watched movies, drank too much hot cocoa....

I just wasn't in a holly, jolly mood because it was the first Christmas without Bosco.

Christmas has always been a little sad for me because I lost my Dad at a young age... and living so far away from my family doesn't help much either. Bosco made life happier and less lonely and not having him around during Christmas just broke my heart.

My mood started to change when my mom and sister officially told me they were coming to visit!! Over the years, Brandon either had to work for Christmas (so I was usually alone for most of the day) or if he was off, we would travel to Florida to visit his family. (I love his family, but sometimes I just didn't want to travel or I wished we were seeing my side of the fam) So I was super happy when my Mom told me she wanted to visit this year!

Even though I was sad, I reminded myself there are still things to be happy about! Brandon didn't have to work, I was finally able to celebrate with my family (even though we were packed like sardines in our small rental) and we got to give Sonny a great Christmas! I know Bosco would want Sonny to feel the same love (and get all the treats!) like he did. And boy did he get a lot of treats! ;)

I'm happy I was finally able to enjoy the season and make new memories, in honor of my Dad and Bosco. I know they would want me to be happy!

And I just had to share my favorite picture of us and Bosco. It was taken last year about a week before he passed and I will treasure it forever!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas, filled with lots of love and wonderful memories!
Tell me about your Holiday! Do anything fun? Did you spend it with family?
Did Santa bring you anything good? ;)

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  1. This holiday season definitely flew by. I love your Christmas tree and your doggy!


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