Home for the Holidays

Dec 18, 2017

Oh, there's no place like home for the holidays
'Cause no matter how far away you roam
If you want to be happy in a million ways
For the holidays you can't beat home sweet home!

"Home" is tricky for us, especially during the Holidays. We both miss family so much. And if we're being honest, still after 6 years, North Carolina still doesn't feel like home. Buffalo will always be our home and give us that feeling but I'm hoping NC starts to feel that way too....

And even though Buffalo feels like home during the Holidays, we've managed to go to Florida the past 3 years (Brandon's parents retired there)! This year we decided not to go anywhere because Brandon started a new job recently and didn't really have the time.... and also because of Bosco. It's just to hard to travel a long distance with him. And honestly, I'm glad to be staying home, just the three of us!

We got our tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving and decorated it a few days after. It is definitely too big for our tiny space and it blocks part of the TV, but we still love it! It is different than my "normal" neutral/minimal/modern loving self. And we love it that way! It reminds us of my both our childhoods. And we are team colored lights over here! (I have done white twice, but for we just really love the colors!)

Let's talk favorite ornaments for a second. My mom still has all of our childhood ornaments, so these are just a few of my favorites from our small collection. The Frosty Friends Series is one my dad started collecting back in the 80s (we're only missing three!) and it's the one ornament I make sure I get every year. They are very sentimental to me and it's a small way to have my dad's spirit and memory around during the Holidays. / / / The Bosco bone was made a couple years ago by my blogging friend Jane and it's one that I really treasure. / / / The Bosco wreath was custom made by The WRC on Etsy. / / / Officer Snoopy was one I gave to Brandon a year after (I think) he became a cop. / / / My S'mores Couple (pictured on insta) is also a favorite. My aunt gave it to us for our first married Christmas. I just love how cute and fun it is! 

And my favorite part - when Bosco lays under it. It seriously makes my heart so happy. For some reason he didn't go under it much last year, so I was so happy when he first did it this year! Even if he keeps knocking off the ornaments and all the pine needles! haha

I think I'm gonna keep it up a little bit longer this year, just so he can keep laying under it! ;)

Where is home for you?
How do you like to decorate your tree? 

Have any favorite ornaments?

Join the conversation!

  1. Such a cute and sweet pup. My dog likes to take the ornaments off the tree. I love how you propped your Santa up as your topper. We are very much alike. Love your house!!!

  2. Love, your tree is so beautiful!!! I love the Bosco ornament! It's SUPER adorable and looks just like him! I loveee that manger scene too. Where did you get it? Home is in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area for me. I like my tree neutrals with some color, so this year, I did white, gold and silver with red. I have one sentimental ornament so far. It's an angel wing my best guy friend's step mom got me a few years ago to remember my daddy. I bawled like a baby when I got it. I'm going to go out this weekend and see if there's any other ornaments I can get to honor my bff's mom and my dad. My new favorite ornament is from Chip and Joanna Gaines. It's the small green mailbox that says letters to Santa. :)

    I hope you had a WONDERFUL Christmas! What are your plans for NYE?

    She Sweats Diamonds

  3. Such a lovely post and I do agree, defining home is tricky! I am slowly starting to feel at home here in Italy, but I think Norway will always be the place I truly call home.

    Ingrid | thatscandinavianfeeling.com


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