Union Shore is Now On Etsy!

Nov 20, 2017

Guys, I opened an Etsy shop! Now you can get my prints as printables for only $5!!

And yes, I know I'm pretty late to the Etsy game and there are already tons of people selling printables, but I'm still super excited to offer this as an affordable option to buy my designs.

I love Society6, but some of the products are a bit expensive (in my opinion). Now their print quality is pretty good, but sometimes you don't want to spend a lot, especially for prints. Or you're like me and like to switch things up a lot, this is a great way to get new art art, without breaking the bank! You can't beat 5 bucks!

Simply print on your home printer or at your local/online print center (Office Max, Target, VistaPrint etc.) And my plan for next year is to expand to other products like greeting cards, tshirts and other home products.... but for now, we'll start with printables!

So, if you have an etsy account, I'd love for you to "favorite" my little shop, it would be greatly appreciated! 

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